Hades2 - Free

Now you can download the game Hades2, full version, for free!

Espaço Informática makes the game available from 20th September 2009, when the project completes ten years.

Hades2 is the first game produced by Espaço, and became a classic in Brazil, and it's one of the first Brazilian games with international success and publishing.

This is our gift for everybody that played our games, and everyone that will play!

Enjoy playing Hades2!

Hint: when the game starts, press F4 to activate the control using the keys WASD, and aiming with the mouse.

Hades2 is a game developed between 1999 and 2000, and based on the standard of that time, it presents graphics with 256 colors, and characters captured from real actors.

The game is free for download and personal use, but it's forbidden replicating, selling or distribution without the specific authorization from the authors.





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