Hades, for the Greeks, or Pluto, for the Romans, it is the God that reins absolute in the underground profundities, in the World of the Dead. King of the darkness, Pluto commands everything that happens in the most instinctive profundities of the human mind. Its action over the man is veiled and mysterious, but as inevitable as the death.
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With the end of the first Star War everybody believed that the biggest Earth battle had ended... a big mistake.

In the year of 2356, you are in Antaurus, one of the Universal Federation most important base. Located in Pluto, this base has a strategic positionment in this Solar System.

The avanced Base's defense system seems doesn't have any effect over the surprise attack of the Grogr army, that spreads powerful over Antaurus' premises.

 The invasion alarm rings incessantly and in few seconds, troops with the death screened on the face start dominating the whole base exterminating everything they find on their way.

You are inside this hurricane and this isn't a place for cowards. Where the only thing to be sure is the death, to kill or die.

The central computer will send you the instructions to help to keep the base, but before , try to survive - if you're able to.

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 Hades is a game where you see through the main character, use weapons and equipment in 3D sceneries where the battles against your enemies happen.

The technology used in Hades' creation allowed a great wealth of details in sceneries, weapons and characters, turning the game more realistic and exciting.

The minimun configuration for the game utilization is Pentium II or K6II with 64MB of RAM. The recommended configuration is Pentium III with 64 MB of RAM, 3D adapted accelerator although, with an inferior equipment you can play it, but the action won't be the same.

HADES 2 is a project begun in May, 1999, and concluded in December, 2000. The launching is predicted to occur in June of 2001.

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